What Flowers Symbolizes Mother’s Day the Best During this Important Occasion?

Rather than purchasing the usual planter pot or prearranged flowers from the florist, you should consider these thoughtful choices for your next purchase and have it arranged yourself. Each of these flowers has a distinct meaning which will help create this year’s Mother’s Day unique… just like mom. Personalizing your mom’s bouquet is the perfect way to say, “I love you.” Don’t you agree?

Here’s a list of the best Mother’s Day flowers that you may choose from this 2019:

  • Carnations. Together with their fluffy and frilled petals, carnations are always tucked behind larger blooms. These flowers were made part of Mother’s Day Convention by Mother’s Day creator, Anna Jarvis, herself. In 1907, during the first Mother’s Day memorial service, Jarvis distributed her mother’s favorite flowers, white carnations. And while it took another seven years to get Mother’s Day to be declared official by President Woodrow Wilson, carnations have been a favorite choice for moms ever since. It’s also known as the birthday flower due to its lively appearance. Long deemed to signify love and fascination, carnations also express different meanings. For instance, light red carnations evoke admiration, while white carnations are thought to symbolize decent luck. What’s more, according to Christian legend, pink carnations are also believed to have first grown from the earth at which the Virgin Mary shed tears over Jesus’ departure. And it is for this reason that many believe carnations are a sign of a Mother’s eternal love.
  • Gerbera Daisies. Nothing says cheerful like a gerbera daisy flower. If your mother exudes calmness, gerbera daisies are a sure selection for her bouquet. They are renowned for their strong flowering heads that strongly resemble sunflowers. While they’ve come to symbolize innocence, beauty, and innocence, the gerbera primarily represents cheerfulness, stemming from its welcoming look and many vivid color variants.
  • Tulips. Colorful flower fields in the Netherlands probably spring to mind when you talk about tulips, but did you know that the initial tulips came from Persia and Turkey? First brought to Europe in the 16th century, tulips really get their contemporary name from the Latinized Persian word for turban. Not surprising seeing as their buds has a turban-like appearance. The popularity of tulips in 17th century Netherlands brought outstanding prices to this flower variant – up to ten times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. As for its contemporary appeal for Mother’s Day, this mostly lies in their elegance and beauty over anything overtly symbolic. But traditionally regarded as the floral herald of spring and new life, tulips do seem particularly apt for new moms. And, being spring-blooming flowers, tulips are of course perfectly appropriate to the Mother’s Day party. To express warmth and affection, opt for pink tulips and you’ll have a stunning gift any Mom will adore.
  • Azaleas. If your mother is considering cultural conventions, azalea might be the ideal addition for her bouquet. Besides being a renowned Chinese symbol for womanhood, the azalea blossom can be celebrated annually by civilizations all around the world because of its beauty and institution with love. These exceptional looking flowers are grown in many countries and can usually be found at your local florist.
  • Daylilies. Very similar to azaleas, daylilies are an Asian symbol for moms. The daylily is famed for its beautiful look and symbolic association with motherhood and Mother’s Day. Since they come in a variety of vivid colors, such as oranges and yellows, you can find a daylily that is perfectly suited to your mother at just about any florist shop.
  • Bluebells. If calm is the trait which describes your mother, then the bluebell flower is a fantastic selection for her arrangement. Their soft blue color and pretty silhouette have come to represent humility and constancy; characteristics that moms tried to teach you, undoubtedly.
  • Camellias. If your mom prefers plants over fresh-cut bouquets, the long-lasting camellia plant is a fantastic option. They come in many different rich and vivid colors and give off a mild, delicate fragrance. Camellias are believed to represent longevity and gratitude; which makes them a perfect way to say thank you to a mom on Mother’s Day.
  • Roses. Shakespeare once wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and who would not agree? After all, there aren’t many flowers so profoundly steeped in tradition, myth, and legend as compared to flowers. Traditionally given as Valentine’s Day gift, more recent decades have seen roses turned into a highly popular choice for Mother’s Day blossoms. Perhaps since they’re considered to be a special party blossom, and possibly since they’re so elegant, lively and luxurious.Historically, roses have been symbolically connected to motherhood. Beginning in ancient Greece when roses have been believed to be sacred to the goddess Isis (the most perfect mom) and Aphrodite (the goddess of beauty and love). Afterward, during the Middle Ages, it has been viewed as the queen of flowers along with the Sign of the Virgin Mary. Pope Leo VIII also made the Order of the Golden Rose as a means of honoring virtuous girls. Available in a host of vibrant colors, the beauty of the rose is that it may symbolize a lot of things – from fire (red roses) to happiness (pink roses) and even friendship (yellow roses). Perfect as a gift from a husband to a spouse or from a kid to a mother.

Whatever flower you choose this Mother’s Day to give to her, don’t forget to thank her for all the things they have done for you throughout your life. I’m sure that alone would be enough to bring a smile to her face during this day, but a flower won’t hurt either.

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