Traditional Mother’s Day Flowers in the Philippines

When it comes to Mother’s Day, we’ve got more than a century of different inspirations to pick from. This has been a popular celebration for many years, a popular choice throughout the ages in its various guises. For example, the Greeks dedicated their day to Rhea, the mother of all deities, and the Romans made offerings to Cybele, the Great Mother of the Gods. As you can see, the times of Mother’s Day celebrations go far beyond the century-long celebration we know so commonly today. However, one constant has always remained at these kinds of events; flowers have been seen all over the place!

There are many kinds of flower that you could pick from when it comes to Mother’s Day, but why try and re-invent the wheel? Instead, a simple choice of using one of the traditional Mother’s Day flowers can be the best option for you. This will give you something that fits with the traditional choice, whilst giving you something truly outstanding to present to your mother when you turn up to see her on Mother’s Day!


The most traditional of all flowers, today it’s more seen as the back-up option for many people when it comes to finding the right kind of Mother’s Day flowers. However, if you want to be truly traditional, then there really is no better choice to go with as the truly historic decision that will almost certainly bring a tear to your mother’s eye as you present her with this stunning flower.

Pink carnations are to show love for a mother who is still with you; a white carnation, however, shows love and reverence for those who are no longer alive. This is a custom that originates from the United States, when in 1906 Anna Jarvis promoted the wearing of a white carnation in respect for her mother who had passed on. It’s an excellent way to keep things moving in the right direction and ensures that you have an arrangement of truly stunning flowers that fit the narrative of Mother’s Day perfectly.

In most countries, the carnation is now seen as the traditional flower to go with. If you aren’t sure of where to start, then we would truly recommend starting with the most traditional of all Mother’s Day flowers in the form of the excellent carnations – seen as the modern back-up, they were once the priority!

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