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Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Flowers to Consider for Your Wedding

Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Flowers to Consider for Your Wedding

When the big day is not far away, you can begin to panic and dismay. With so much to put in place and handle, you can find that your wedding becomes an exercise in challenge and frustration. However, by the same token, wedding flowers can become something that is easily put off. Their (relative) simplicity matched with their extremely detailed style means that it can be easy to keep putting it off until it becomes a problem trying to decide what to do.

So, the most popular wedding flowers that you should perhaps think about adding to the list will usually include:

The Rose. A proper classic, the rose makes a must for most weddings. The symbol of love and affection, not having the rose would feel like a bit of a letdown in many ways. They are a mythical wedding flower and there is a good reason why they tend to be picked for a wedding. If you are in need of a proper standard for floral selection, roses rule.

The Tulip. The tulip makes a fine choice, too, as it gives you access to a really diverse and classy looking flower. It’s a Persian flower that holds a fine collection of rich coloring, making sure that it can add a nice chromatic touch to the whole wedding ceremony itself.

The Lily. A must-have for many weddings, lilies make a fine choice with an almost instrument-shaped look to them. They are a good choice because of their depth and natural beauty, making them an excellent pick for anyone who is looking for something with a touch of extra charm.

The Ranunculus. While a little abstract, it’s certainly one of the most popular forms of flower for a wedding. Why? Because it offers a level of charm and style that is typically pretty hard to find in flowers. With these, you get to enjoy a much more harmonious and friendly kind of flower, with their unique color collections. They look a little like a buttercup and tend to be a great choice for something a touch more charming.

The Gardenia. Gardenias are a fine choice of flower with their dark green leaves and their stunning, thick and lasting scent. A fine choice for those who are looking to find a classy flower to wear with their wedding attire, usually in the hair. A good choice for a corsage, too, but they just make a fine pick for adding a bit of charm and optimism to the entire theme of the wedding.

So, with that in mind, how will you go about making sure your wedding looks great? You still need to buy them. Raphael’s Gifts makes an exceptional place to turn to, giving you all the help and assistance that you could possibly need in putting in place a really popular and attractive range of wedding flowers like never before. Using this, you can make sure your big day carries all of the pomp, ceremony and charm that it should!

Best Wedding Flowers for the June Bride

Best Wedding Flowers for the June Bride

When it comes to putting together the perfect wedding, it can be easy to forget about some of the more miniscule factors. While they look fantastic and usually are the most divine of finishing touches to a wedding, flowers tend to be one of the issues that falls to the wayside when it comes to things like weddings.

They tend to be put off until closer to the time, and this can make it hard to find the right kind of flowers, or the correct type. In the month of June, such problems can feel even more acute: as one of the most popular times for a wedding, this can make it pretty hard to get the right fit and feel for the wedding itself.

So, with this in mind, what kind of wedding flowers are the best fit for a bride in June?

Nigella. Nigellas are a good wedding choice as they come with a real sense of romance to them and thus are great for a June wedding. Available in a host of color shades, Nigellas make a rather exquisite choice when you need something with a touch more serenity and charm to it. Nigella flowers are very soft and make a really welcoming and engrossing flower for a summertime wedding.

Roses. The most popular choice for most people, roses make a good choice for a wedding because of their natural attachment to love and happiness. A premium flower, they tend to be quite expensive, but they are very much worth the cost. They are usually available with relative ease in June, though, meaning that you can easily find that loving symbol of happiness and joy to perfectly portray your coming marriage and new commitment.

Peonies. A rather odd flower to many, Peonies make one of the best choices for a June wedding for various reasons. They are usually highly sought after and can be find in anything from a nice pink to a deep red. It’s a very good choice for a floral look that looks great for that kind of Hollywood factor. Very much the star of the show when you are putting on an authentic and engaging wedding experience.

Cornflowers. While not always associated with a wedding, Cornflowers make wonderful June wedding décor. These are beautiful and tend to come in a deep blue color, making them stand out and be a bit different to the usual blend of reds and the likes. They can also be find in deep purples if you want a regal hint to the wedding. Either way, these make a good choice for a more charismatic flower style.

Now that you know what kind of flowers to look at, you need to find the best place to pick them up. The floral experts over at Raphael’s Gifts can be just what you need to find affordable, authentic decorations on the big day. 

Why Do Moms Love to Receive Flowers on Mother’s Day?

Why Do Moms Love to Receive Flowers on Mother’s Day?

When the annual event of Mother’s Day comes around, many sons and daughters can find they don’t know what to buy. Many might consider flowers and chocolate – the old staple – before changing their mind. However, you don’t have to worry that your mother is going to find the idea of getting flowers on Mother’s Day to be cliché or unimaginative. The truth is that, on this celebration, there are few gifts that are going to go down as well as giving a wonderful big batch of flowers for your mother!

All mothers are going to appreciate getting a nice big bunch of flowers from their sons. If you are looking for a way to impress and make your mother happy, then this might just be the perfect place for you to get started.

So, why is it that mothers do love to get their bouquets of flowers as time goes on? Why is it that, year after year, flowers can always make the most memorable and enjoyable gift? What is it about these natural beauties that can make sure you are going to be the favorite child this year?

A Lasting Tradition

Started in the early 1900s, Mother’s Day became a celebration that was started by Anna Reeves Jarvis. An organizer who fought valiantly for sanitary conditions and more, she was revolutionary and made sure that positive change which still benefits people today can exist.

She held a Mother’s Day event in 1908 for the first time, so that people could dedicate a day of commitment and thanks to the women who raised us all so well. By 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday.

Since it was held in May, though, most people believe that the historical aspect of the flowers stems from the fact they were in season. However, it’s also because flowers hold that natural link between life and of the connection between mother and child. It’s like the perfect symbolic gift of what our mother gave us – she gave us life, and in return, we provide her with a physical symbol of the beauty and unique nature of life.

Not only that, though, but flowers make great gifts as they offer a unique fragrance and style. They help to create a theme or an atmosphere across the room and can act as the deciding factor for making your mother smile from ear to ear.

For that reason, it’s easy to see why the tradition itself has stuck around for so long. Not only was it one that fitted with the time of the event, but it also held some pretty impressive and major symbolic grasps with the holiday itself. From the preservation of life to passing on a little bit of nature and love to your mother, the reasons why getting flowers for Mother’s Day are both as practical as they are factual.

You shouldn’t feel so bad about turning up with a bouquet of flowers in the future. Send flowers to Philippines today with Raphael’s Gifts!

4 Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

When the wonderful holiday of Mother’s Day falls upon us, there’s plenty of ideas out there for quality gifts. However, we’re all supposed to know our own mother perfectly well, so finding a gift should be super easy, right?

Sadly, life isn’t always quite so simple and good to us! What you tend to find instead is that Mother’s Day gifts can be quite hard to work out. Mothers can be hard to read and to find out a good idea of what to present as a gift – so, if you find yourself in that position, here are some of the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day that you can make the most of.

Cool Clothing

While not everyone would feel comfortable doing so, if you check out fashion outlets that you know your mother loves, you can definitely find something good to go with. It does not have to be anything that would seem uncomfortable – stick to going for sunglasses, for example. It might make your life a whole lot easier if you just stick to something a little more simplistic!

One of the best options for accessories, though, could be a nice summerly hat to go for. It shows thought and that you put a genuine effort into finding a cool gift for your mother to enjoy.

Quality Cosmetics

From excellent perfumes that she would never pay the money for personally, but you know she loves, to brilliant cosmetic ranges that are Limited Edition can be a great starting point. It always feels nice to be pampered, so pulling out some quality cosmetics can make a huge difference to the way that you feel you done in the selection of quality gifts.

Flower Arrangements

Of course, flowers can be the obvious choice to go with. Flowers allow us to offer a nice gift that shows we care, that we get our mothers personalities, and that we understand the touching tribute that they are. It’s an important distinction, and one that you should definitely look to try and accommodate if you are looking for a good present.

While some might think that flowers are a bit general, the classics always work best. While you should always look to maybe find something else to go along with it, flowers as the central gift is almost guaranteed to be received in the right kind of light.

Going Personal

Of course, a good gift to make sure you give every single Mother’s Day is a heap of your time. Not going to be here this Mother’s Day? Then you need to make sure that you can do everything to spend at least some time talking to your mother. A Skype call, a recorded message sent across via e-mail; whatever you can find, make sure that the very least you send across is your love, your time and your thoughts.

It’s going to benefit you massively if you put the time in to make your mother have most the memorable day possible. It’s her day, so make the effort!

Why Are Roses So Popular for Valentine's Day?

Romance, passion, beauty and deep love - these are some of the symbolism of roses whatever color it may be. What the history tells us came into a reality when roses has conquered the industry of flowers especially during Valentine's Day. It has been a global culture and an international trend that every lover commits to sending flowers especially roses to their significant other. 

The tradition started in the 17th century in Sweden when King Charles II learned the language of flowers. Expressive as they seem, flowers are indeed the nearest representation of human to nature and a crystal clear expression of someone's feeling and desire. With the grandeur of a rose, every woman would feel extra special when compared to a rose, an embodiment of love and beauty. Having the same effect to its giver, one can express his feelings with a bouquet of roses or merely a stem or three of roses.  

Roses is also associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. With every tears wept for her lover Adonis grew rose bushes. Indeed, this flower is an expression of deep love. In the early years and until present, a bouquet of roses would be enough to express how you feel for someone. It may be love or simply an appreciation and admiration. 

Valentine's Day is nearly approaching. Flower delivery lines would again be as busy as a bee. Since giving roses became a strong expression of love, every bit of details are also associated with a unique degree and intention. 

Red roses due to its intense bloody red color expresses love and passion.  Mild and gentle, pink roses means sweetheart, admiration or friendship. Happiness can be expressed by the yellow roses. Is your love pure and genuine? White roses would be the best ones. Of course, with every happy story, some endings may mean goodbye. With this, black roses would be ideal. These are just some of the intentions for every color of roses you're planning to give your significant other. Better be careful in choosing your color. Despite its help, it would be a lot acceptable and easier to tell your significant other how much they mean to you. 

Number of roses matters as well. With a creative mind, it is associated to feelings and emotions, too. On a tight budget but still plans to deliver fresh roses to your loved ones? Don't worry. One long stemmed rose is romantic. It can mean that the person you're giving it to is the only one or perhaps your love at first sight. Two roses may be a special gift for your second anniversary or a symbol of mutual feelings. The traditional "I love you" is a symbolism for three stems of roses. From one to a dozen or two may have different meanings depending on what one really wants to express. It's only you and your significant other who can unravel the meaning. 

Handing over those freshly picked roses is the most romantic thing one can do this Valentine's season.  But this may not be possible for some. That's when flower shops or flower delivery come in handy. Just dial their number and your love can be delivered safe and sound through a freshly prepared bouquet of roses to be handed over to your loved ones.

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