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Top Gourmet Christmas Gift Baskets for 2017

With Christmas just around the corner, it might be time to start collecting that little list of gifts that you intend to hand out this year. Not only are the top presents to give out usually something useful, everything this year points to picking up some delightful treats for those who you love most. For example, some of the top gourmet Christmas gift baskets for 2017 are major best sellers for those who want Christmas gifts which are fun, functional and very effective.

So, what kind of gourmet gift baskets for 2017 should you have your eye on?

Chocolate Towers

Chocolate Tower Christmas Gift Basket

Chocolate towers are a very popular choice for anyone wanting a classic gourmet Christmas gift. Christmas is a time of enjoyment and of having little treats where we usually would ignore them; which is why chocolate towers are such a ridiculously enjoyable place to start. If you want to help make the right call with regards to chocolate gifts, this grandiose collection of dairy delights is an absolute must-have when you fancy specialty selections.

Champagne Collections

Champagne Collection Christmas Gift Basket

While not everyone has a sweet tooth, most have an eye for a good time. This Moet and Chandon champagne collection is a must for anyone who is looking for something a touch more grandiose than the usual offerings. It makes a fine pick when you are looking for something a bit more soothing and sweet than the norm. If you aim is to pick up something a touch more grandiose, one of these champagne collections can be a fine starting point.

Wine & Nibbles

Wine with Nibble Christmas Gift Basket

This great pick is a fine one when you want to ensure that someone you care for deeply can enjoy a more grandiose Christmas. With so much to eat and enjoy, this fine selection of wines and treats to go with a fine bottle of wine can make it easy for you to pass on that festive loving this year. Perfect for really letting someone know that you understand their preferences and what they get most enjoyment out of when out and about. Instead of giving them chocolate, give them something they can really love!

Grand Celebration

Grand Celebration Christmas Gift Basket

A fine choice for anyone who is looking for a more energizing and appropriate style, this grand collection makes a very impressive choice for anyone who wants to be more creative and charming with their selections. It offers a fine blend of smart foods and various meats, drinks and delights that can be easily enjoyed across the winter. A fine gift that shows you really know the way to someone’s heart; their stomach!

Christmas Delivery

Christmas Delivery Gift Basket

When Christmas hits we can all find that our supplies run a lot lower than we assumed they would be capable of. This allows you to get a high quality delivery of meats and useful items that can keep you through the winter period. Instead of giving someone a scarf that will sit in a cupboard and never be worn, throw something like this in their direction and give them a gift that they’ll almost certainly get plenty of positive use out of. 

All Souls Day Special: Why We Offer Flowers to the Dead

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging mysteries in life comes from dealing with loss. Losing someone hurts; it takes a lot out of us to lose someone who means a lot to us. When this happens, the majority of people will choose to look for an adequate commemoration for the person who has passed away. Many times, that is flowers.

It’s easy to find someone who has little to no interest in getting why flowers are provided. ‘What’s the point? They’re no longer here anyway!’ is a common (awful) opinion that is regularly heard about the usage of flowers to commemorate the dead.

Part of this stems from All Souls’ Day. This is a Christian holiday that looks to partake in a commemoration of all the faithful departed who have left this world. It’s a day that is used to help remember those who we have lost, and those who we have loved. Usually held on the 2nd November, this is an experience that tends to put those who do not “get” the idea of flowers at unease.

If you have a day to commemorate people, why do you need a flower to do it as well?

Total disregard for sensitivity and personal choice aside, there are many suitable and totally fair reasons for why we look to use flowers for the dead. Let’s take a look at why we choose to do this; and why it isn’t quite so silly as some ‘experts’ claim.

Appreciating The Power of Respect

One of the main reasons that we offer flowers to the dead is as a means of showing support and strength to those who have lost. It shows a love and a reverence for the person who has passed. Flowers and plants are a regular sight when we want to show remembrance for someone who has left this world. It adds a touch of beauty to send them to the afterlife, and can add a hint of color into what tends to be a rightfully somber atmosphere.

We offer flowers to the dead because it shows the person who has passed on that we cared for them in life, and will remember them in death. It also serves as a pillar of strength and unity for the closest family to the deceased; to let them see that others care.

The rich color and beauty of flowers can feel at odds with the pain and bleakness of death. This is wrong way to look at it, though; instead, look at this as a form of respecting what has already happened. You are adding a touch of color to the person’s death in the way that they helped to add color and light to your world.

We use this flower ceremony to help add a sense of respect and reverence to someone who is no longer with us.

A Show of Strength

Another reason why we show flowers to the dead is a sign of strength for those who are struggling most with the pain of death. There is always enough pain to go around at a funeral, so you can use the brightness and beauty of the flower to add a touch of positive energy into a room where many people will be feeling a distinct loss of hope.

This can help people to heal more quickly from the loss, albeit in the most minor manner. It helps to offer a sympathetic tone, too; making sure that those closest to the deceased know that people cared for the person who has passed on and that they will be remembered accordingly.

While it might not seem quite “right” to some, these people do not matter. What does matter is that everyone who is interested in taking part can do so with ease. It’s an honorable, muted way to add a touch of positivity in a room full of negativity and to help show a show of strength, unity and togetherness to help make sure that people can begin to find the strength that they need to move on and accept what happened.

Life is Eternal

Lastly, the main reason that people tend to use flowers for the dead is because flowers are eternal. While they die off the same way as we do, flowers are showing that the person themselves will live on forever – even if only in heart and soul. It’s a symbolic gesture more than anything more specific, and is sure to give you all the help that you need to show a display of courage and to make a symbolic message that stands out.

Making people feel better at a funeral can be an exercise in futility; what you should look to do instead is to showcase the symbolism of eternal existence. This shows that we all return to ashes one day, and that we can then live through the unique beauty and mastery of flowers and floral arrangements.

They help to show that we loved the person and it can then be preserved as a form of symbolism for the person who has passed. Through these commemorations, we can make sure that nobody has to be forgotten.

While dealing with the pain and tragedy of death is very hard indeed, it’s not impossible to overcome. It’s something that, as time goes on, we can easily begin to grow to understand and appreciate. If you are willing to take the time to do this, then you can easily utilize the power of solidarity with those who have lost something.

Life is all about being able to celebrate the time we have here. In death, we use flowers and the brightness of nature and of living to make sure that people can begin to grow more comfortable with who they are time and time again.

While nothing can bring those who are lost to us back, we can use flowers to help show respect, reverence and the belief that there is love inside all of us.

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How to Find the Best Online Flower Delivery in the Philippines?

Are you looking for an easy way to pick up quality flowers for your loved ones? Flower delivery services are a faster and much more effective means of making sure that you can get flowers delivered in a timely and consistent manner no matter what the occasion is. Trying to find the time to go and get flowers yourself can be an exercise in frustration itself, so this can help you to get around that problem once and for all.

Indeed, by calling the best online flower delivery in the Philippines this time of the year, you can save yourself a fair amount of time, money, and stress. However, at the same time, it makes it so much easier for you to engage with the right kind of flowers that you’re your loved ones would surely appreciate. That being said, picking the right place to order flowers can be time-consuming.

To help you get around that problem, we recommend that you consider the following ideas on how to find the best online flower delivery in the Philippines.

Quality. First off, take a clear look through libraries and galleries. Are the photos that they offer showing you flowers that you would be proud to hand over as a gift? Or do you feel like they lack the quality and style that you would typically have been looking for? Never discount quality. Good quality should never be something that you must compromise.

Time. Make sure that they can deliver on the time you asked for. As the saying goes, time is of the essence. You don’t want the flowers to be delivered a day delayed, and miss the opportunity to make your special someone appreciate the special day. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with a flower delivery service that can deliver at the time you need.

Support. Following on from above, if you cannot find out about delivery times, give them a call or an email. How do they respond? What kind of information do they give you back? Does it make it easier for you to get an answer and to understand what you need to be doing? Do they know something about flowers that the recipient usually prefers? The way they will answer matters. Don’t ever discount the importance of having access to good and credible support: it’s an absolute cornerstone foundation of any good florist.

Cost. Also, be sure to look at how much it is going to cost you to purchase a good bouquet of flowers. If the flowers don’t come across as worth value for money, then go somewhere else. A special event like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day doesn’t give businesses like flower shops the right to take advantage of the situation and ask for over the top prices. This makes a fine deciding factor – if you find two flower groups that are similar in everything else above but the other one have a better pricing structure, you absolutely know where to go.

At this point, you should feel a touch more confident picking out flowers that can be a good choice for one of the most important people in your life. Just make sure that you take the time to review carefully where you are buying from as it can make such a difference!

Show your appreciation to your loved ones by sending them flowers, with or without any occasions to celebrate. 

Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Flowers to Consider for Your Wedding

Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Flowers to Consider for Your Wedding

When the big day is not far away, you can begin to panic and dismay. With so much to put in place and handle, you can find that your wedding becomes an exercise in challenge and frustration. However, by the same token, wedding flowers can become something that is easily put off. Their (relative) simplicity matched with their extremely detailed style means that it can be easy to keep putting it off until it becomes a problem trying to decide what to do.

So, the most popular wedding flowers that you should perhaps think about adding to the list will usually include:

The Rose. A proper classic, the rose makes a must for most weddings. The symbol of love and affection, not having the rose would feel like a bit of a letdown in many ways. They are a mythical wedding flower and there is a good reason why they tend to be picked for a wedding. If you are in need of a proper standard for floral selection, roses rule.

The Tulip. The tulip makes a fine choice, too, as it gives you access to a really diverse and classy looking flower. It’s a Persian flower that holds a fine collection of rich coloring, making sure that it can add a nice chromatic touch to the whole wedding ceremony itself.

The Lily. A must-have for many weddings, lilies make a fine choice with an almost instrument-shaped look to them. They are a good choice because of their depth and natural beauty, making them an excellent pick for anyone who is looking for something with a touch of extra charm.

The Ranunculus. While a little abstract, it’s certainly one of the most popular forms of flower for a wedding. Why? Because it offers a level of charm and style that is typically pretty hard to find in flowers. With these, you get to enjoy a much more harmonious and friendly kind of flower, with their unique color collections. They look a little like a buttercup and tend to be a great choice for something a touch more charming.

The Gardenia. Gardenias are a fine choice of flower with their dark green leaves and their stunning, thick and lasting scent. A fine choice for those who are looking to find a classy flower to wear with their wedding attire, usually in the hair. A good choice for a corsage, too, but they just make a fine pick for adding a bit of charm and optimism to the entire theme of the wedding.

So, with that in mind, how will you go about making sure your wedding looks great? You still need to buy them. Raphael’s Gifts makes an exceptional place to turn to, giving you all the help and assistance that you could possibly need in putting in place a really popular and attractive range of wedding flowers like never before. Using this, you can make sure your big day carries all of the pomp, ceremony and charm that it should!

Best Wedding Flowers for the June Bride

Best Wedding Flowers for the June Bride

When it comes to putting together the perfect wedding, it can be easy to forget about some of the more miniscule factors. While they look fantastic and usually are the most divine of finishing touches to a wedding, flowers tend to be one of the issues that falls to the wayside when it comes to things like weddings.

They tend to be put off until closer to the time, and this can make it hard to find the right kind of flowers, or the correct type. In the month of June, such problems can feel even more acute: as one of the most popular times for a wedding, this can make it pretty hard to get the right fit and feel for the wedding itself.

So, with this in mind, what kind of wedding flowers are the best fit for a bride in June?

Nigella. Nigellas are a good wedding choice as they come with a real sense of romance to them and thus are great for a June wedding. Available in a host of color shades, Nigellas make a rather exquisite choice when you need something with a touch more serenity and charm to it. Nigella flowers are very soft and make a really welcoming and engrossing flower for a summertime wedding.

Roses. The most popular choice for most people, roses make a good choice for a wedding because of their natural attachment to love and happiness. A premium flower, they tend to be quite expensive, but they are very much worth the cost. They are usually available with relative ease in June, though, meaning that you can easily find that loving symbol of happiness and joy to perfectly portray your coming marriage and new commitment.

Peonies. A rather odd flower to many, Peonies make one of the best choices for a June wedding for various reasons. They are usually highly sought after and can be find in anything from a nice pink to a deep red. It’s a very good choice for a floral look that looks great for that kind of Hollywood factor. Very much the star of the show when you are putting on an authentic and engaging wedding experience.

Cornflowers. While not always associated with a wedding, Cornflowers make wonderful June wedding décor. These are beautiful and tend to come in a deep blue color, making them stand out and be a bit different to the usual blend of reds and the likes. They can also be find in deep purples if you want a regal hint to the wedding. Either way, these make a good choice for a more charismatic flower style.

Now that you know what kind of flowers to look at, you need to find the best place to pick them up. The floral experts over at Raphael’s Gifts can be just what you need to find affordable, authentic decorations on the big day. 

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