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How to Win Her Heart on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is that one day in the year when couples around the world celebrate love. It's exciting for most looking forward to what their significant other has prepared for them. Something that would take their breath away. 

For a husband or a boyfriend, the pressure can be so immense. It's got to be something that would put the sweetest smile on her face and make her feel extra special. 

Just how men long to see this precious gift, every woman dreams to have a special moment that would definitely melt her heart. There is one special present that can do this magic, flowers. Believe it or not, all women love flowers. How glorious it makes them feel! 

Flowers have always been an expression of love. You can give flowers to your significant other, to a friend, your mother, sister or a colleague. It's symbolic of deep concern and affection for another. What it brings to both the receiver and the giver is invaluable. 

Definitely, it's not just the thought that someone likes her or admires her. It's that wonderful feeling, a moment to stop, touch and smell those lovely flowers. Women will always remember how they received it, the moment that would melt their hearts and leave their faces with a smile. That smile is sure to make any man the happiest guy on earth, too. According to studies, men are conditioned to act positively to real smile. It's priceless to see your girl smile genuinely, right? 

Sending flowers in the workplace is even more romantic and exciting. Having fresh flowers in the office is believed to increase productivity. Aside from the happiness it brings, it can help your significant other perform better at work. For women, it's definitely something to have flowers to glance at during stressful moments. Other women tend to envy them, too. This would make your girl confidently beautiful even just for a day. Make them feel the prettiest with a bunch of lovely flowers. 

So men, don't ever miss a chance to make your special someone smile. Buy them flowers. There is no better way to make them feel special and to add some spark to their day. No matter how much or little they cost, it's definitely worth it. Its beauty may fade but the memory won't.  

Giving flowers is the best strategy to win her heart. A beautiful bouquet would be sufficient to make her remember you in a special and memorable way. Flowers are a simple way to link a woman to nature. As always, nature is relaxing. Adding color to it makes it even more wonderful. Flowers are known to have symbolic meanings, too. Purity, love, charm, etc. - these are perfect ways to describe your girl. Flowers are the closest representation to women. Yes, that's right. 

Whether it's a bouquet or perhaps a stem of tulips, red roses, sunflower or carnation, it's extremely exciting to give and receive one. Be ready to picture a crowd of lovers walking on the street with a bouquet of flowers, or a busy street with bunch of delivery men with flowers on the way to work. How sweet, isn't it? 

Valentine's day is fast approaching. Find time to check on real wonderful flowers to make your girl feel special and to see those genuinely heart-melting smile. 

If you need flowers for Valentine’s day, feel free to browse our shop and find roses for your special someone. Order online today!

Trends for Celebrating Holidays in Style with Flowers

Are you looking for a good way to make this special holiday season even more exciting and even more memorable?

Then you definitely have to consider the awesome role that flowers can play in your understanding and appreciation of this. Not only is the winter holiday season the best time in the world to start messing around with and enjoying flowers and the like, but it’s the time of year most associated with style and panache. Get your creative side unveiled this year and celebrate the holidays in some style.

So, what are the main floral-based trends this festive season?

Green is Back

Although we associate Christmas with red and white, green plays a big role as well. Green is back in style this year, with many people deciding to go with greenery instead of being overly familiar with reds and the like. Many people believed that using green foliage was lucky in eras gone by, and it remains to this day.

It’s a major part of holiday décor and goes a long way to adding a certain regal touch and nature to the whole area.

Go Big

Another major trend we are seeing is people going over the top with their flowery celebrations and gifts. This is a time of the year when people see what they mean to you – and vice versa – so you can set the tone and the tempo relatively easily by going big with your flower arrangements.

This makes it easy for you to get them something they will remember and cherish, designed in a way that is bound to give them nothing but positive memories of their time spent with you.

It’s a nice touch and it makes it easy to find a gift for someone in your life who you know loves flowers.

Get Decorating

The décor is the main part of the year for flower-based treatment, though, and if you use a piece of pine alongside some greens as your main centerpiece design you can be left with something pretty beautiful.

Try and go for things like Evergreen, Cypress or Mistletoe for the best effect. It allows you to have an easy way to manage the decorative side of things, making it much simpler for you when it comes to making a grandiose centerpiece of anything of the sort.

Poinsettias make a good choice to go for at this time of year, too, usually in a pink, peach or white variety. The old-school red works well but try and vary it up a little to create a bit more mystique/

If you want to make the whole place feel that winter sparkle and charm, you can turn to Amaryllis and Paper White Narcissus as well, as they offer great plants that look at their best at this time of year. Another odd plant that can look great at this time of year, too, is a cactus. It might not be the most traditional but, hey, you could set a new trend!

People are loving to get some cactus in with the rest of their designs, so make sure you consider trying it out if you are looking for something a little bit different. Each of these trends are big this year, so why make Christmas 2016 feel even more special this time? 

Interesting Holiday Statistics On Buying Flowers

This year, there are many interesting little trends and statistics kicking around. Like many other years in recent memory, flowers have become a great item to buy for people who are looking for something extra special. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting statistics that hang around at this time of year, and other times of the year, regarding the uptake on flowers.

When are the best times of year to get something a nice big bouquet as a gift? When should you probably put down the flowers and look for something else for the person in question?

For example, as you might imagine, Mother’s Day sees many children out buying their mother flowers as a universal sign of thanks for her hard work. Mother’s Day is seen as the second most powerful holiday on the planet when it comes to flower buying, with flowers becoming a major selling point during this event. Indeed, around 24% of transactions are to do with flowers at that time of the year which shows that they hold a large level of significance when it comes to this special day.

Flowers are more than just a nice thing to buy – they’re a powerful, beautiful and natural bond.


However, the best time of the year to go for flowers is Christmas. The major festive season, it sees around 30% of all transactions built around flowers and plants as gifts for people. With a unique selection available at Christmas alongside it being a time of year for gifts and love, then you can easily see how Christmas is one of the most powerful times of year to get investing in flowers for your loved ones.

The most common people to buy for at Christmas include parents and/or in-laws. With 32% of all flower purchases for these people, you can easily see why people are interested in making sure they get something special for people who sold such an important place in their lives.

Friends and neighbors make common recipients, too, with around 26% of those bought going to these people. It’s a nice and personal gift to give to someone without breaking the bank and makes it easy to give someone a reason to remember you in the first place.

Christmas, then, is the best time to hand out flowers – but not to a co-worker. With just 7% of flowers bought for co-workers at this time of year, you aren’t likely to get the response that you had expected if you do so. Especially avoid mistletoe – it creates the wrong impression!

The most popular flower at this time of year if the Red Poinsettia, with 53% of flowers bought being this particular style. It makes sense why, too – it’s fancy, stylish and very attractive in every normal, conceivable manner.

With all of this in mind, then, what will you be buying for the people in your life who you care about?

The idea of buying a flower isn’t as insulting as some think!

Best Reasons to Send Flowers in December

Are you unsure of why you should bother sending flowers in the month of December? Then you might be shocked to learn that, even in winter, people love flowers.

You can find a good reason to hand the floral festivities in due course, but you do have many good holidays and the like coming up in the near future. While choosing the ‘right’ ones can be tough, you can find that there are many good reasons to invest your time in such a feature.

The best reasons to send flowers in December, then, include but are not limited to:

  • Hanukah. As the first of the holidays held in December, this is a great time to send off some of those fantastic flower gifts that you had lined up in your head. You’ll find plenty of reasons to hand out the joy and the festivities when you arrive here. Hanukah makes it easy for you to enjoy each other’s company and to have a good reason for handing out some truly awesome floral gifts. Since this lasts for a whole eight days you have plenty of time to get those excellent floral gifts out there for everyone to enjoy!
  • The Winter Solstice. The Solstice is the longest night of the year and it is by all accounts the best time to go about this whole flower arranging and sending business. People enjoy gifts just before Christmas and this is a good time to hand out some flowers to those who you may not have got anything for Christmas as a nice little memorable gift to them.
  • Christmas. The “main event” for most people, Christmas is a good time to get handing out the little flowery treats. Make sure that you look into this as you can get lots of great festive flower deals to hand out. The perfect gift for the people in your life who you cannot find anything spectacular to go with. This is a nice and personalized choice that shows you care and put a lot of thought into what you were going to buy them this year.
  • New Years. Hand over a little rose to the person you care for and see where next year leads, perhaps? New Years is a good time to hand out flowers. Everyone is in a positive festive mood and it creates a very positive atmosphere. Makes it easy to hand out the gifts and for everyone to have a good time together. Bring a flower for your partner on the night and you can give them something fancy to wear as a lapel, too!
  • Kwanzaa. This rather different celebration is one that is full of colorful and positive decoration – just the kind of place for flowers to appear, then! Going for this is a good idea as this is a ritual of sharing and togetherness. If you want to add to that then a little flower or two can go a long way to making sure you’ve bought great gifts.

Flowers for Holiday Decorations

For any flower enthusiasts, one of the best ways that you can make Christmas feel even more special this year is to get floral. A floral Christmas can be quite rare, but it is by all accounts a fun and engaging way to make your winter festive season more exciting. Not sure on what to do to make this last? Then here is some solution for making sure that you pick the finest of flowers for holiday decorations.

Getting it right can be tough, but when you do? It can create the most fantastic, naturally beautiful form of Christmas décor.

Christmas Wreaths

One of the best options that you can turn to for simplicity and ease of use is a wreath. Holiday wreaths look spectacular and pose a very easy way for you to create something worthwhile. It’s a proper festive tradition, too, and it look great to have one up around all of your other decorations and extra features.

Indeed, it’s been something that has existed since the days of the Romans, and has held that strong and active tradition ever since. This makes it easy for you to manage and care for your wreath, creating something truly spectacular.


Another good way to use flowers for holiday decorations is around your lighting. From having large flowers built around your lighting to using a flower design to create a festive lighting layout, you can find that flowers make a good choice for Christmas lighting to give it that extra shine.

Centerpiece Flowers

Make sure that you use bright and festive flowers such as mistletoe and evergreens to create a very friendly and welcoming centerpiece. This acts as the main part of the home during Christmas and go a pretty long way to making sure you are left with the centerpiece that you wanted in the first place.

When used right, the correct kind of arrangement can go a long way to making sure you are left with something that looks truly spectacular. Want to impress the family this year? Then got flowery with your centerpiece!

Christmas Flowers

However, you do need to have a fun little selection of flowers to use all over the house in general. The best flowers to go for here would probably be poinsettia, mistletoe, evergreens and holly can be a great pick to make sure you have a fine and able variety of options that can make a pretty big difference.

If you are stuck for finding something reliable that actively chimes with the people that you are having over for this Christmas, then you would do well to stick to the four flowers above. Each works in any of the ideas that we suggested and can be a good way to make that holiday feel really come to life.

Any flower that is red, green or white can work extremely well at Christmas, though, so feel free to experiment and add in a bit of “jazz” to your own designs to make it yours.

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