Bunch of colorful bouquets
Flowers for All Occasions: Brighten Up Someone’s Day With Floral Bouquets

ContentsIntroduction How Do Flowers Used in Events Make a Difference? When Can You Offer Someone a Simple Flower Bouquet? Graduation Anniversaries Father’s and Mother’s Day Flowers for Celebration of Life Others What Should Be In Your Simple Flower Arrangement Bouquet? Roses Tulips Carnations Sunflowers Stargazers Conclusion Introduction Filipinos are known to celebrate every highlight or moment in their lives, may it be simple or grand. For some, it has been a tradition to give flowers or bouquets along with gifts and cards. This gesture has always been greatly appreciated by whoever’s accepting the flowers. After all, it is quite thoughtful...

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Bunch of colorful flowers and two holiday gifts
Bring Joy This Holiday Season With Christmas and New Year Flowers and Gifts in the Philippines

ContentsIntroductionWhat Are the Best Flowers and Gifts for Christmas and New Year? Traditional Christmas Flowers AmaryllisRed RosesPoinsettiaHoliday Baskets for New YearHam and Queso PackagesWine and Chocolate BasketsCelebration HampersWho To Send Flowers and Gifts to This Holiday Season Family Members Friends Romantic Partners Employees Where To Buy the Best Christmas and New Year Flowers and Gifts in the Philippines Conclusion Introduction Christmas and New Year are almost here, and you know what that means. It’s finally the season of giving! Exchanging gifts has been a holiday tradition for as long as we can remember, and almost everyone in the world does...

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A gift with a Thank You greeting card and a bunch of purple flowers beside it
A Guide to Sending Thank You Flowers and Gifts in the Philippines

ContentsIntroductionWhy Send Thank You Flowers and Gifts to Your Loved Ones?Shows AppreciationHelps Brighten Their DayThank You Flowers You Can Give to Your Loved OnesRoseOrchidTulipDaisyLilyHydrangeaCarnationSunflowerThank You Gifts You Can Buy in the PhilippinesPastriesChocolatesSpa BasketsWine BasketsPerfumesMugsWhere To Purchase Thank You Flowers and Gifts in the Philippines?Conclusion Introduction Gift-giving is practiced during various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and dinner parties. Although it is customary, gift-giving must be done from the heart and without expecting anything in return. This simple gesture can make the receiver feel special because it shows that you’re thinking about them. Why Send Thank You Flowers and Gifts to...

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Two colorful bouquets
Congratulate Parents With New Baby Flowers and Gift Baskets in the Philippines

ContentsIntroductionWhat Are the Different Ways That People Celebrate the Birth of a Newborn Baby?Planning a Baby Shower Holding a Religious Ceremony Investing in a Professional Newborn Photo Shoot Making Baby Casts Planting a Tree What Are Unique Gifts That You Can Get New Parents? Bath Items Clothes FlowersFruit Baskets Toys Where Can You Get New Baby Flowers and Gift Baskets in the Philippines?Conclusion Introduction The birth of a baby into the world is a life event that many couples look forward to. As support for the new parents, most people go out of their way to give their friends different presents to show their delight at the arrival of a...

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A bouquet of flowers and a patient lying in a hospital bed at the back
What You Need To Know About Get Well Flowers and Gifts in the Philippines

ContentsIntroductionWhat Kinds of Flowers Are Best As Get Well Gifts?CarnationsSunflowersRosesTulipsChrysanthemumsHow Do You Choose the Right Get Well Flowers and Gifts?LifespanMaintenanceType of FlowerColorArrangementWhere Can You Buy Get Well Flowers and Gifts in the Philippines?Conclusion Introduction Throughout history, flowers have been given as gifts to convey emotions and to show affection to others. This tradition has continued in the present day and is practiced by people all around the world. Most countries even have their own beliefs regarding the practice, such as only giving a specific type or color of flower for certain occasions. One reason why flowers are such popular gifts...

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A bunch of flowers with a Happy Birthday greeting card
Helping You Choose the Perfect Birthday Flowers and Gifts for Your Loved Ones

ContentsIntroductionThe History of Celebrating and Gift-Giving During BirthdaysWhat are the Ideal Birthday Flowers?SunflowerCarnationRoseDaisyGerberaTips in Giving Flowers as Birthday GiftFor the Spouse or Significant OtherFor a Very Close Friend or Family MemberFor Someone Who Lives Far AwayThe Etiquette of Gift-Giving on BirthdaysRaphael’s Gifts for BirthdaysConclusion Introduction Birthdays represent the beginning of our lives and the joy of living. This is why it is such a significant occasion that most people celebrate. However, we must also never forget to reflect on the years that have gone by and be thankful for all the blessings we’ve received. For our loved ones’ birthdays, we...

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A bunch of different colorful flowers
Father’s Day 2021: Get the Best Flowers in Makati for Your Dad!

In most parts of the world, Father’s Day is observed on the third Sunday of June. It is a day to honor fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the role fathers play in society. This holiday was first proposed in 1909 to complement Mother’s Day celebrations. Father’s Day reminds us of both the importance and the difficulties of fatherhood. For instance, fathers do not always receive the same level of intimacy we show our mothers. In fact, they are culturally portrayed as breadwinners, disciplinarians, and authority figures. Our fathers are often burdened by their responsibilities, but they don’t often show their hardships. This...

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LOOK: Best Flowers for Your Wedding in the Philippines!
LOOK: Best Flowers for Your Wedding in the Philippines!

ContentsIntroductionWomen Sincerely Love FlowersFlowers in Wedding Ceremonies: Their UseEntrance to the weddingThe aisle for a WeddingArrangement of flowersHair AccessoriesBoutonniere for the GroomAccentuationObtaining Floral Arrangements for WeddingsHow to Choose Your Flowers for Wedding in the Philippines?Create a floral budget for your wedding.Locate a florist for your wedding.Look for floral wedding ideas.Understand the fundamentals of wedding flowers.Make use of the wedding’s color scheme.Begin with your bridal bouquet.So, the most popular wedding flowers that you should think about adding to the list will usually include:RoseTulipLilyRanunculusGardeniaNigellaRosesPeoniesCornflowersConclusion Introduction Wedding flowers are a lovely way to add a touch of elegance to the ceremony and reception....

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best mother's day gift
4 Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day in the Philippines (2021 Edition!)

ContentsIntroduction Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day in the Philippines? What are the 4 Best Gifts for Mother’s Day in the Philippines? Bouquet of FlowersWhy Do Moms Love to Receive Flowers on Mother’s Day?A Lasting TraditionToken of AppreciationWhat Flowers Symbolize Mother’s Day the Best During This Important Occasion?CarnationsGerbera DaisiesTulipsAzaleasDayliliesBluebellsCamelliasRosesMost Popular Flowers for Mother’s Day in The PhilippinesSunflowersPink RosesOrchidsTulipsGerberas / LiliesCarnationChocolateTeddy BearQuality TimeFor Sale Online: Flowers for Mother’s Day in the PhilippinesRaphael’s Gifts – Online Flower Delivery in the PhilippinesConclusion Introduction   When the wonderful holiday of Mother’s Day falls upon us, there’s plenty of ideas out there for quality gifts....

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A girl smiling inside a flower shop and Raphael's Gifts logo placed at the middle bottom
Florist in Makati, Philippines: Know These Three Simple Ways to Find Them

Florist in Makati, Philippines are everywhere – you just have to find them. Nowadays, flower businesses are booming to deliver joy and love to someone’s doorstep. Whatever flower it is, there will always be joy coming from the receiver. Now, are you finding the best florists in Makati? If yes, then be delighted to know that we have made this post just for you. Finding the one that you will like may be challenging, that is why we listed some ways for you to locate them. Are you ready?   ContentsThree Easy Ways to Find the Best Florists in Makati,...

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